Chantelle Morvay-Adams, a passionate mother of children with learning disabilities and diagnoses that require that they have extra classroom  adaptations and support, spoke eloquently on the importance of making learning accessible to everyone. I had not yet heard of BDEdAccess in as much detail as she shared, but it is described as “an entirely volunteer-run organization serving families of students with disabilities and complex learners all over the province of British Columbia” (from site). Before it, “there was [no organization] that gathered all of the parents together to discuss the issues that all of these groups have in common in trying to access education for their children (also from site). Isn’t that strange and sad? Parents had a hard time getting access to education for their children! That should never have been a challenge.

Firstly, it is no surprise that people, and particularly parents, are passionate about this cause. Learning and school are not such that only those that fit into a box of average learning abilities have the right to learn. EVERY student deserves the support and right to grow and explore. I have been worried about being able to be there for all of my students to the greatest of my ability, because in some circumstances it may be really hard to know exactly who your student is, or what they need. I was really glad to hear Chantelle say how involved she is with her kid’s teachers, so they have good communication on how to best support the learning of each child.

The website includes a lot of resources and social group opportunities. I am grateful for this lecture to have reminded me of the importance in creating a classroom that works for every student. Further, it makes me feel like that so long as I give my heart and greatest effort, I will have opportunities for collaboration with education support and parents. Together, we can empower students not just in school, but in each aspect of their lives.

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash